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There are two parts to the Press for Service system; the “Client”, which is the button that your customer will press and the “Reciever”.

Your customer will press one of the many buttons on the “Client” situated on the table to make a request. The button then transmits a signal to the “Reciever” wich will automatically indicate the table location so that one of your staff members can attend to your customer.

Press for Service provides a range of buttons and recievers relating to your business from your standard single button clients to the more advanced clients for fine dining restaurants. These more advanced clients will provide your customers the option of selecting either to order, order a drink or request the bill.

This will provide your staff with a more clear indication of what the respective customer requires, allowing your staff to provide better and more efficent service.

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What is press for service?

Press For Service is a company that plans to introduce a new system of table waiting that is vastly superior to the systems in place at most restaurants and retail stores now. It is amazing the amount of potential customers that walk away from a store due to wait times. Take this survey for example;

A Maritz Research survey says 86 per cent of respondents — from a pool of 1,300 people across Canada aged 18 to 64 — admit to walking out of a store fed up with having waited too long for service.

Can you really afford to be losing potential customers to your competition? Press For Service is a revolutionary new technology that allows a customer to press a button, alerting your team that they need service.

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