Waiter Call System

If you could, with just a press of a button, increase your drink sales by up to 25%, make your customers happier and reduce your staff costs – would you press it?

Give your customers the best service possible

When your customer requires service, they just press a button on their table. The wait staff get the message on a large easy to see display which tells them which table requires service.

Operate to a new level of proficiency and customer service

  • Lets your wait staff know exactly where and when they are needed most.
  • Serve your customers only when they want service
  • Optimise staff’s time with less stress
  • Improve the customer’s experience
  • Improve customer satisafaction
  • Better word of mouth growth
  • Increase your table turnover
  • Generate more patrons
  • And best of all…
increase your profits!
customers with waiter button

How It Works

I. Operation Method:

  1. Guest presses caller transmitter on his table to call for service.
  2. Center Counter will notice the table number on Monitor flashing and music sounds for reminding. Then counter manager will tell waiter/waitress which table is calling and what service is calling.
  3. Waiter/waitress supplies service to guest.
  4. After offering service to guest,waiter/waitress can press “Cancel” button on caller transmitter to tell Center Counter this table is finished with service.Then the table number on Monitor will stop flashing.Also counter manager can press the table number on Cancellation Remote Control after confirmation from watier/waitress to state that table is finished with service.

II. Specifications:

  1. The whole system includes the following units:
  2. system unit

  3. AC 110V-240V Adaptor for Monitor: 12V,1.5A
    2pcs “AAA” batteries for Service Cancellation Remote Control(battery not included)
    1pcs “23A,12V” battery for each Caller Transmitter(battery not included)
  4. Each display can monitor 35pcs TABLES service calling conditions;
  5. There are four buttons “Service” “Drink” “Bill” “Cancel” for each Caller Transmitter;
  6. Caller Transmitter is waterproof,with buili-in antenna.Red LED light on when pressing buttons;
  7. Center Monitor will sound music for warnning when guest presses the table Caller Transmitter.There are 9pcs TONES optional,as well as “MUTE” mode;
    Also table number flashes in different colors corresponding to different service calling.It’s color-coded: red for “Service”; yellow for “Drink”, green for “Bill”;
  8. Remote Transmission & Receiving Distance: 150-200M in open area,depends on building constructions.

III. Features

  1. Guests can enjoy service sitting on his/her seat,just by pressing the Caller Transmitter on his table to call waiter/waitress for service.They don’t need walk to service counter to order or shout at waiters for service.Enjoying private time and quite conveinent.
  2. Help restaurant monitor guests’ service conditions well without any omission.Improving restaurant’s service quality,reducing response time and improving service efficiency.
  3. Wireless remote controlled device,remote range can be up to 150-200M in open area.It’s available for multi floors restaurants.
  4. The table number on Center Monitor will flash in color and monitor sounds music for reminding,upon guest needs service and press table caller transmitter for help.
  5. Center Monitor is wall mounted by bracket.
  6. Caller Transmitter is waterproof,can be explored to rainy/foggy/streamy days.
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